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Hi, I'm Sam. I love to move in a way that feels nourishing to my mind, body and soul. I’m an explorer and philosopher at heart. Growing up in the south of Spain, I moved back to the UK at the age of 18, which probably explains why I am such a sun chaser. 

Just a few years ago as a busy Mum working in the luxury fashion industry, I became totally burnt out trying to be everything to everyone, but myself. I was lost. Through the practice of yoga (and more recently, embodiment and somatics) I was able to re-connect with what I call my truest self, my essence self and what I came here to be, to create and to share with the world around me. My practice is always evolving, as I believe it should, and currently takes inspiration from a vinyasa style flow, embodiment, yin and some breath work and meditation. Sound is also an important element for me having trained in classical piano and violin as a child. I love spending time creating playlists for my classes, as I’ve found music can be a great accompaniment to the aforementioned practices. 

I believe we are all beautifully unique for a reason, and to me this is what makes sharing these practices with others so gratifying and intriguing. How they are able to shift and change to suit each individuals needs and to know that certain tools may resonate with us at distinct points in our lives, and others not so much. Maybe we come back to them, maybe we don’t. The point to me is to always be curious, always be open and to keep things fluid, knowing we are never stuck in the way we do things. 

Training & Certificates

200hrs Fringe Yoga - Jodie Merrick

Injury Prevention & Management - Jason Crandell

Embodied Yin 50hrs - Satu Tuomela + Pip Roberts

Awake 100hrs - Satu Tuomela, Evy Ferraro + Pip Roberts

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