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Is It Ever Too Late?

As a 42 year old woman, who's always struggled to find that place where I fit in or know what I was meant to do with my life, I think I can finally say I think I've found it?...almost, but it's a scary place to be.

I look at social media and instantly begin to compare myself. All the beautiful, younger yoga teachers, with all their followers and so many more years of experience teaching than me. A serious case of imposter syndrome starts to creep up on me (as a 1/3 Knowledge Seeker and Experimenter I'm starting to realise it's part of my Human Design). You should have started earlier, who do you think you are pretending to be a teacher, why would someone want to be taught by you when they can be taught by someone better, better than you!

And then I remember that none of that matters. So what if it took me longer to get to where I am today, when you're doing something that you love, none of it matters. I am so grateful to have found this practice when I did. It has saved me in so many ways. It's given me freedom and it's something I can never stop learning about. Because there is so much to learn. It will never get boring. And the fact I can share it with others, for me it's all about the connection. Connection to myself, connection to others, connection to the earth we live on.

It has taught me so much about life. How to take time to listen to my needs and be in tune with my body. How to show kindness and compassion to myself and others. How to never give up, taking small consistent steps will get you there eventually. And most importantly, that I am not alone.

So many of us have the same fears and internal struggles, it's the way we've been conditioned. We are not alone and we can help each other, but we must stop hiding and show our true selves, so we can find our people, our soul family.

And it is never to late to do what you love, don't let fear or insecurities hold you back. You are more than worthy of taking up space in this world, because the alternative is a thought too hard to bare.

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